Technical Art, Programming Reel

Breakdown of the Tech Art Reel:

1. Volumetric Fog in Unreal, Know more:

2. C# and Unity -Spatial Keyframing Unity Tools (Technical Animation Course Spring 2020)   - Know more here:

3. Tentacle Autorigger. Maya and Python

4. Maya and PyMel - Custom Animation Tools (self practice)

5. Cloth Simulation Integrator Study (Technical Animation Course Spring 2020) - Know more here:

6. Maya and Bifrost - Simple Sand Simulation (self-practice)

7. PYQT and Python based GUI implementation
(The other side project, ETC, Spring 2020)- Know more here:

Animation Reel

Breakdown of Animation Reel:

1. Wall Climb Shot- Assignment at Advanced Technical Character Animation course (CMU)

2. Vanilla Walk Cycle, see process here


3.Tennis Shot Body Mechanics shot , see process here

4. Ballet Walk Cycle, see process here

5. Squash and Stretch on Squidy Rig.

More coming Soon..


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