Starry Dreams - Unity Project with Phidgets

WHERE : Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University

COURSE: Building Virtual Worlds (BVW)

SCOPE : BVW Round 3 Project made in one week with a team of five members.

PITCH : Complete the constellation on a starry sky by launching and blowing at a shooting star to get it into the right position.

Team: Feiyan Zhang(Artist), Amelia Li(Producer,Sound Designer), Xiaoyu(Jamie) Cui(Programmer),Chonghui (Aiden) Sun(Programmer)

PLATFORM : Phidgets

SOFTWARE : Maya and Unity

Theming for the Game

Starry dreams was high on theming, we as a team wanted to focus a lot on the look and feel of the game. The concept art behind the game, and the mood board reflected a sort of playful and magical world of stars and constellations. A lot of emphasis was on matching my art style with that of the other artist of the team. We both came up with prototypes for our work and constructive feedback was given by all the team members.


My Contribution - 2D Artist, experience DESIGNER

I worked on the background and the game tutorial for the game in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The color scheme and the style could be interpreted as a fantasy world pretty much in line with the feel of the game itself. The background was made in mind to be engaging as the player was going to be seeing this background for most of the game play.