Pyramania: Egyptian cave excavation to find a cursed chalice

WHERE : Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University

COURSE : Building Virtual Worlds (BVW)

SCOPE : BVW Round 5  Project made in two week with a team of five members.


Find a magical chalice in an Egyptian tomb to save the world from the evil pharaoh.

Team: Boyuan(Michael) Lu (Programmer,Producer),Liangzheng Luo(Artist),Mia Zhang(Sound Designer),Alan (Tianyi) Zhang (Programmer)

PLATFORM : CAVE (Three screened Room)

SOFTWARE : Maya, Unity, Substance Painter 


Creating an Egyptian world for the cave

For this project we had to work in a three screen bound room called cave. So when we were searching for ideas the very cliche Egyptian tomb- Indiana Jones theme came up.
All of us in the team liked the idea but we wanted to make it a bit different, and thus decided on the light mechanism to interact with this world.
As an artist for this project making the scene composition look authentic was very important we didn't want to look like rip offs.
So the color scheme, characters, interactions and dialogues were done keeping that in mind


Changing the human model to look like the mummy

I already had a human model previously I thought with a few changes I can make him look like a mummy. Below is the before and after of the same model.