• Ruchi Hendre


Updated: May 28, 2020

This week we are learning about the different kind of simulators specifically for Cloth Simulation.

Some Basics that were covered in class are the different

Simulation Integrators:

1. Euler Forward Method. (Explicit)

This is the simplest method for integrating, but it has the disadvantage that for most systems, it has a large amount of positive feedback, and tends to cause all variables to rapidly increase to ridiculous values, no matter how small the time step.

2. Euler Backward Method (Implicit)

This is similar to the Forward Euler method but at a further time, so now the velocity and position is calculated that the particle should reach at the next time step.

3. Runge Kutta (Explicit)

The Nth order of Runge Kutta is the derivatives up to Nth order, The 4th order is considered optimal.

4. Symplectic Euler's Method.

The symplectic methods is like a mid way between the forward and Backward Euler Methods. The Velocity is calculated like a Forward Euler and the position is calculated using Backward Euler.

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