• Ruchi Hendre

Rigging a Character in Maya and animating it for Unreal

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

As a part of my semester long project, I rigged and started animating a character.

Here are some screenshots, Model and textures were provided to me by my colleague Rosy Fu.

Here is the website about the project with the team members and roles:

I implemented reverse foot, spline IK, IK/FK switch in this rig, it is still WIP and I plan to start working on the Facial rig soon.

Optimizing skeletal mesh for Unreal

  1. Hierarchy

As unreal doesn't allow multiple roots I got the joints hierarchy under one single root.

2. Animation Settings

Here are the early results of the animations in Unreal.

Environement by Ayushman Johri, Chelsea Tang

Using Sequencer in Unreal

We used sequencer in Unreal to get our animations right!

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