Hooked - VR Game about using hooks to traverse through the world to find a treasure.

WHERE : Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University

COURSE : Building Virtual Worlds (BVW)

SCOPE : BVW Round 2 Project made in two week with a team of five members.


Hooked is a game about traversing a world where you can  move by hooking onto trees to find an Indian treasure.

Team: Ram Iyer(Programmer),Yifan (Gloria) Deng(Artist),Ziheng Xiao(Level Designer),Aubrey Wu( Producer, Sound Designer)


SOFTWARE : Maya, Unity, Substance Painter 


Theming for the Game

I created the models for trees, temples , path for this game. The world was all about traversing using trees so they had to be visible and clear for the player.
Also as the player moves through the game the color of the trees would change to show different seasons.
To make the Indian temples it was important to have a grand look and feel . With the help of the level designer we came up with different assets to build the temple where the treasure would be housed.

MY CONTRIBUTION - 3D Artist and Environment Designer

The asset creation needed to be mindful of poly counts as we had recurring trees and temples, we also have a waterfall.
We did face some issues with the poly count and the only way forward was to reduce the poly count for the trees models.


Low Poly Animals


Temple Assets

Did golden texturing , light design for these assets in the game.


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