The Best Shot - VR Experience about taking an important penalty kick during a soccer match.

WHERE : Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University

COURSE : Building Virtual Worlds (BVW)

SCOPE : BVW Round 4 Project made in two week with a team of five members.


The best shot is the story of that split second where everything goes blank and you remember what your dad (virtual dad) has taught you-remember your practice through seasons and after that second you are ready to take your best shot.

Team: Arnav Banerji(Artist), Jiadai He(Programmer,Producer), Ting-Sheng Lin (Sound Designer),Junyi (Jim) Liu (Programmer)


SOFTWARE : Maya, Unity, Substance Painter 


The game revolves around the relationship between the VR father and the player. In the first scene the player is seen in a finale match for his high school, he can see the stadium, goal post and a goalkeeper as the announcer announces that this is the deciding moment.

In the next scene everything fades out and there are masks talking to the player they represent his own insecurities . In the next scene the player is transported back to his backyard where he sees the football in front of him and kicks it to hit the trash can.

Hearing this his dad comes out of the house and says sorry that he couldn't make it to his school team, and that he should just relax and practice with him.

The player then kicks to his dad and he advises the player to keep practicing. The player then keeps on kicking and the seasons change .

Finally the player is transported back into the finale match where he kicks the soccer ball again to score the winning goal.

MY Contribution - Character Artist

I worked on the character modelling for the goalkeeper and the dad for this game. My aim was to make the dad approachable and able to carry the story forward. Also the texturing for these models needed to be believable in the world. Working with the other artist on the team to match art styles was a important part of theming for this game. The character needed to be built having been into sports himself, so the modelling was done accordingly.


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