Technical Art, Programming Reel

Breakdown of the Tech Art Reel:

1. Volumetric Fog in Unreal, Know more:

2. C# and Unity -Spatial Keyframing Unity Tools (Technical Animation Course Spring 2020)   - Know more here:

3. Tentacle Autorigger. Maya and Python

4. Maya and PyMel - Custom Animation Tools (self practice)

5. Cloth Simulation Integrator Study (Technical Animation Course Spring 2020) - Know more here:

6. Maya and Bifrost - Simple Sand Simulation (self-practice)

7. PYQT and Python based GUI implementation
(The other side project, ETC, Spring 2020)- Know more here:

Animation Reel

Breakdown of Animation Reel:

1. Tennis Shot Body Mechanics shot , see process here

2. Ballet Walk Cycle, see process here

3. Vanilla Walk Cycle, see process here

4. Squash and Stretch practice, see process here

5. Ball Bounce Animation.

More coming Soon..


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