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Feb 2021- May 2021

Technical Artist Intern at Respawn Entertainment

Aug 2019-May 2021

Graduate Student at

Carnegie Mellon University

Technical Artist Intern (Apex Legends)

1. Work on supporting artists and animators with characters, weapons, and props.

2. Understand the pipeline and troubleshoot any errors or blocks.

3. Create Rigs, Tools, or scripts to make the pipeline function faster.

M.E.T (Master's of Entertainment Technology)Degree

Focus on Animation , Technical Art and Visual Storytelling.


  1.  Rhythm - Animated Film Link:

  2.  The Other Side - Interactive Experience Prototype.Link:


  • May 2020 - Aug 2020 - 3D Art Teaching Assistant at National High School & Gaming Academy.

  • Aug 2020 - Dec 2020 - ETC Fundamentals Teaching Assistant 

Electives: Advanced Technical Character Animation, Technical Animation, Improvisational Acting 1, Visual Storytelling.

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